Dioon angustifolium

Chamal! One of the most outstanding cold hardy cycads for dry shade. In its native land it grows in full sun to dry shade in exposed skeletal soils. Due to its tenacity it is the perfect answer to the question: What can I plant that will tolerate dry shade, especially drought that is the result of too many tree roots in the garden? The subspecies Dioon edule var. angustifolia has now been elevated to the specific status of Dioon angustifolium.
northeastern Mexico
8 to 10
6' x 4'

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Notes and observations about this plant

Hardy as a rock.
Unprotected in any way, mine have easily survived five winters, including 7F in 2009.

Hardy as a rock for zone 7b in well-drained soil (scree garden). (Posted on 2/4/2011 by Mike).

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