DooHickey™ 2-inch metal plant tags, 100-pack

The best metal plant tags.

We've been using these permanent, metal plant tags for 25 years and those made in the early 1970s are still legible and in use! Their only known enemies are lawn mowers, which can eat them, and kids, who love to bend them. Otherwise, they'll outlast several cars and TV sets! When used in combination with our brass stakes, you will have a professional plant labeling system.

Made of anodized aluminum, we write on them with a #2 soft lead pencil and our tags are fully legible after 15 years! We don't recommend using permanent markers because the writing fades in just a short time, nor paint pens because the paint tends to chip off after about 2 years.

The tags are flexible, so wrap them around a branch and they'll stay put. In fact, they'll even unfurl a little as the branch grows, without cracking or chipping like cheap plastic tags. Or attach them to our brass stakes for an elegant tag in your pots and special plantings.

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