DooHickey™ three-inch metal plant tags - 100-Pack *Seconds*

Slightly stained tags on sale! Here we are offering what we call 3 inch seconds. In the process of manufacturing the DooHickey Tags, oil is used to lubricant the die. This oil coats the tags and must be washed off before they are heat treated (which gives them their famed flexibility, durability and longevity). Though the tags are washed prior to heat treatment, there is no way to economically cleanse all of the oil from the tags. Any oil not removed during heat treatment tends to burn and smoke, which can permanently stain some tags. The staining, if noticeable, is usually mild and looks like a tea stain or chalky coating. This does not hamper the functionality of the tags. On a certain number of tags, the staining is significant, leaving spots or lines that reduce the writing space on the tags, but over the years, we have sorted out the tags with the worst stains. We still have a good number of tags that are quite usable, but not clean enough to sell as first quality. These are normally clean on one side of the tags, but have stains or blemishes on the opposite side; or have a tiny blotch or blemish in places on both sides - making the tag not as pretty as our # 1 quality tags.

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