Drimiopsis maculata 'Slow Fade'

African hosta improved! Several years back when shopping at the Chatachuk plant market in Thailand, I ran across this clone of African hosta. It seemed to me to be a little different than the clone we had sold for years but wasn't sure if the differences were due to the cultural conditions in Thailand. After several years of evaluation and observation we have noticed that the leaves are larger growing and the spotting tended to be more oval and align longitudinally on the leaf. But more importantly the spots hold up better in our summer heat, unlike our original clone where the spots tended to fade in early summer. This clone holds on to its spots longer, improving the ornamental aspects of one of our most popular bulbs - Drimiopsis maculata.
South Africa
7b to 10
10 inches x 12 inches

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Notes and observations about this plant

Vivid green with the black spots
I love this plant. I put it in the ground in late summer in Austin and now it is coming back so beautiful! Vivid green with the black spots. It seems extremely hardy. (Posted on 4/14/2014 by Jeanine).

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