Dyckia marnier-lapostollei

White Dyckia! This is the classic form of Dyckia marnier-lapostolei that is often found listed in all-encompassing cactus and succulent books. It creates low-mounding, star-shaped rosettes composed of triangular, 5” to 7” long succulent leaves that have a silver/white to grayish-green appearance, depending on environmental conditions. Too much overhead irrigation can often erode the silvery trichomes, which give the plant its silvery-white appearance, so if you are in a humid zone with high rainfall or irrigate heavily with overhead sprinklers, it is best to move this plant to an area that is protected from excessive moisture, especially during the cooler months of the year. In fact, this plant prefers a dry winter rest and looks its best if it is watered sparingly during the winter and more often during the warmer season of the year.
Southeastern Brazil
9 to 10
4" x 12"

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