Dyckia x 'Spider Witch'

Spider Witch! This Dyckia hybrid is one our selections from a batch of Dyckia choristaminae x seedlings. We selected it because we like the unruly, mounding rosette composed of a multitude of narrow, 8 in. long, rich burgundy, leaves. The form and shape of this plant remind us of a tarantula-like creature ready to pounce. Though the leaves do have short, somewhat sharp teeth lining their margins, their bite is not seriously dangerous. Note: We apologize to any arachnaphobes or hypersensitive witches out there for the naming of this plant! Thanks to Gregory Sanoff for providing the photos!
Garden origin
8b to 10
8 inches x 24 inches
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Notes and observations about this plant

Beautiful as ever
It is still growing and flowering and just as beautiful as ever. (Posted on 5/29/2015 by Gregory Sanoff).
Added Post
Just a follow up to the above: I did move the plants on either side of this Dyckia as it has grown so large since the last posting. And it has to be about 16 inches tall (sorry I have not measured it) and is now a stunning sculpture. (Posted on 2/16/2013 by Gregory Sanoff).
Fabulous yellow flowers
It is a beautiful plant and sends out fabulous yellow flowers. It is growing and I am going to have to move other plants to give it room. I beg to differ about its "somewhat sharp teeth" as I find them to be real dangerous as they poke and cut like a sharp razor. (Posted on 7/3/2012 by Gregory Sanoff).

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