Echeveria x 'Latte Rose'

We got this plant from a tissue culture lab that initially sold them as Echeveria lilacina. When I first saw the little plants out of the box I was somewhat suspicious that the plants were not E. lilacina but know that small plants, fresh out of tissue culture, sometimes do not look right at first. Young plants right out of culture often grow more vigorously and are sometimes thrown into juvenile stages where their appearance can be altered for short periods until they grow out of the effects of culture. The plants offered here however have turned out to be a selected hybrid called Echeveria x ‘Latte Rose’. It is a hybrid between E. agaveoides and E. lilacina. Though the hybrid does have E. lilacina blood in it, it is different from the species. This plant, on quick appearance, has some similar attributes to E. lilacina however the leaves do not have the classic dusty, silver-blue casting of E. lilacina but have a more olive-grey coloration, which in bright light take on a warm brownish tinge. This hybrid will offset with time while E. lilacina seldom offsets. This plant also does not have the classic acute blunt leaf tips that characterize E. lilacina but have more pointed leaf tips. I am disappointed that we could not offer true E. lilacina because it is a cool species but this hybrid has proven it has vigor and ability to take our hot humid summers with ease. It is an attractive hybrid in its own right. Note if you purchased an E. lilacina from Yucca Do in early summer of 2013 it is not E. lilacina but this hybrid. Sorry about that.
8b to 10
4 inches x 10 inches

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