Echinopsis sp -Hot Pink

On one of Carl's frequent visits to Salta area nurseries he found this Echinopsis that was unlabeled, as is frequently the case in many small nurseries of the region. It blooms with incredible, hot-pink flowers, which are large and very showy but when comparing the flowers and plant characteristic we have not been able to definitely match this plant with any particular species. Echinopsis obrepanda v. purpurea and Echinopsis hystrichoides both produce similar bodies and flowers. These species are native to Southern Bolivia. The Salta region and Southern Bolivia frequently trade between one another, so a showy bloomer like this could easily end up in in a Salta nursery. The plant could also be cultivated hybrid. Though at this point we really do not know what it is but is we also really don't care because it is awfully darn pretty. The plant has been easy to cultivate and it forms squatty, green bodies with numerous shallow ribs that display short, stubby spines. The short needle-like spines radiate out and interlace with themselves forming a physical barrier to protect against hungry rodents but also forms an attractive visual matrix that dazzles and mesmerizes the human eye.
Garden Origin
8b to 10
4" x 8"

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