xGasteraloe - ex. Solana Succulents

Y14-17, Gasteraloe Ex. Solana Succulents Pint, $ 12.00 Many years ago when on a plant trip to California we were encouraged to make Solana Succulents, in Solana Beach, California, one of our stops. The folks that steered us this way did not disappoint and we had a thoroughly wonderful time picking up wonderful treasures. One of the many treasures we got was this odd Gasteraloe. It is very unique amongst the Gasteraloes we have come across and we have never seen anything like it. We do not know if it was a once named selection or just a happenstance seedling that occurred there at the nursery but it is one of our favorites. The plant develops star shaped rosettes composed of acutely pointed, medium-green, lance-shaped leaves having irregular lines of slightly raised, cream/white tubercles on the leaf surface. With increased light intensity the green leaves can take on bronzy or rusty-red hues often with all color variations occurring on the plant at the same time giving the plant a multicolored effect. It has never been a fast grower but it is steady and stately and always a point of admiration.
Garden origin
10 to 11
5" x 8"
$12.00 $10.00 Pint #Y14-17  In stock

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