Hechtia tillandsioides

Tillandsia like Hechtia! Several years back on a trip to southern California we obtained a plant of true Hechtia tillandsoides. It develops a loose open rosette composed of long, thin, flexible leaves that are acid green above yet silvery and soft beneath. The flexible leaves taper to a long, thin, filamentous point, which twists and curls with age. The margins of the leave are smooth and spineless, which are relatively soft to the touch and are a contrast to the leaf margins of Hechtia lundellorium whose leaf margins are relatively firm and hard, especially near the leaf bases and can cause paper-cut like slices on fingers or any exposed bit of arm if you do not handle them with care. Mature plants produce long plume like inflorescences that arch out and away from the plant like and bloom of any good cliff dweller should. A great plant for a medium to large sized pot.
Southeastern Mexico
9b to 10
12" x 14"

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