Hechtia x (argentae x tillandsoides)

On a trip to Southern California years ago while looking for interesting plants we came across this Hechtia hybrid. As any good primary hybrid it displays characteristics of both parents evenly. The leave color is much like H. tillandsiodes being an acidy green but with a bit more of a silvery glimmer coming from H. argentae. The leaves are also a bit thicker in substance than H. tillandsiodies would have and the overall rosette of this plant has a more symmetrical pinwheel shape leant by H. argentae. The leaf margins on this cross gain a row of raspy fine teeth especially in the interior that comes from the H argentae parent yet the teeth are more subdued because if the influence of H. tilladsioidies. All in all this plant presents a nice meeting of these two interesting, yet contrasting species.
Garden Origin
9b to 10
10" x 24"

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