Hesperaloe funifera

Seven months of blooming! The rigidly erect bright-green foliage reaches 4' tall and is 4 in. wide at its broadest point. This robust plant will throw an 8' to 12' spike that branches out like an antenna. The erect, bell-shaped flowers are creamy white with pink-green blush on the exterior. The flowers are full of nectar and are favorites of hummingbirds. The plants will flower from early April to October.
northern Mexico
7b to 10
4 feet x 3 feet
$12.00 Half-Pint #T81-01  In stock

Notes and observations about this plant

absolutely no damage at 4degrees!
this is a GREAT plant...survived the severe 2013-14 winter in OKC with flying colors...absolutely no damage at 4degrees! (Posted on 4/17/2014 by Robert).
This isn't a spectacular plant, but one of quiet beauty. It has grown for 15 years in my garden with no extra water or care. Faithfully every spring sets a large spike. It looks great with wildflowers at its base, then native grasses in fall. One of my favorites. (Posted on 5/7/2010 by linda in cc).

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