Hymenocallis riparia

Spidery spider lily! Taken as a group, this species is more compact and shorter than most spider lilies you are familiar with. The dark green leaves spill onto one another. They are widest at their middle (1 in. ) and are 14 in. long, coming to a point at the tip. This species is an early summer bloomer. The flowers are white with long petals and filiments. They create a dazzling display in the shadows of the shade garden. These are long-lived plants and can take the hardships that befall gardens of the deep south. Offered here are young seedlings, which will take 2 to 4 years to reach blooming size, depending on conditions.
Jalisco and Colima, Mexico
7b to 10
15 inches x 24 inches
$8.00 Pint #Y10-41  In stock

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