Iris hexagona

Dixie Iris! Low and behold! Texas is not all cactus and thorny things. The eastern third of the state is humid and often moist and there are natives here that reflect the flora of the Humid South. This Iris is one example. Iris hexagona occurs in several populations throughout the Southeastern US, but our plants are derived from a population near Houston, TX. It is a winter grower and spring bloomer and has tall strap-like, bright green foliage to 3' that provides welcome life in the winter landscape while all else is faded and brown. When spring is in its full rush the flowers come forth, they are rich and velvety and the color of concord grapes. A very good and desirable species.
southeast USA
6b to 10
36 inches x 36 inches
$14.00 $11.20 Quart #Y09-12  In stock

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