Mammillaria magnimamma - Rio Verde

Mexican Pincushion, Syn. Mammillaria rioverdense! This Mammillaria tends to develop a solitary body, at least in youth and has a flattened globular shape yet can offset with age developing into colonies. The plant displays numerous pyramidal or conical tubercles which are tipped with long needle-like brown to white spines that often curve downward with age and radiate out providing formidable protection for the plant. Amongst the axils or between the younger sets of conical tubercles a white wool is often present. This white wool is often a great contrast to the small red, pink or white flowers that are generally displayed during the spring season. An easy to grow and often long lived species for the container collection.
Northeastern Mexico
9 to 10
8" x 4"
$9.00 $5.40 Half-Pint #Y13-20  In stock

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