Manfreda maculosa - Hondo Robust

Hondo Robusto! The typical forms of Texas rattle snake plantain, Manfreda maculosa are relatively small plants. The rosettes averaging about 8 “ in diameter at maturity with flower spikes attain 18”. However, this colony of Manfreda maculosa, which originates on the rim of the floodplain along the Hondo River north west of Hondo, Texas, is a much more robust form with mature rosettes about 12” or more in diameter and the flower spikes reaching heights of 36” to 40” tall. The flowers size and color are like the species in that they open a cream white and age to a rusty red-pink. The leaves are dark green, deeply channeled, densely speckled with maroon-purple spots which are much more intense than the type. They more resemble in this characteristic species from the interior of Mexico than the paler more diminutive species of Texas. It was this spectacular mottling that first caught my eye at first and then later realized that this robust colony were of much larger size. --- Carl Schoenfeld
Hondo, TX
8a to 10
8" x 12"
$6.00 Half-Pint #Y14-14  In stock

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