Manfreda sp. Felty leaf

Felt Leaf Manfreda! This is one very unusual Manfreda in that the leaf surface is covered with fine hair like structures and this is a very rare trait in Manfreda. In our experience most Manfreda leaves are glabrous or smooth and waxy, not felty. We have had this Manfreda in our collection for many years. We originally purchased the plant from a nursery that labeled it as a Ledebouria but knew long before it bloomed that it was not a Ledebouria. We have since purchased seed from a German seed source that was labeled Manfreda sp. Ocozocaulta (presumably Ocozocaulta, Chiapas) and those seedling look very similar to our original plant. A Manfreda pubescens is noted from Guerro, Oaxaca or Chiapas but only herbarium sheets are shown online and no real descriptive information is provided. So this might be M. pubescens but I can not verify that. Our plant from divisions produces 12" to 18" long leaves that are up to 2-1/2" wide at their widest part. The leaves are a medium green in color but have red bands or blotches on the lower 1/3rd of the leaf's length. And, of course, the leaves have a felty texture. The plant has bloomed rarely for us but the flower spike reaches a height to about 4'.
Southern Mexico
9 to 10
18" x 18"

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