Neobuxbaumia polylopha

Hardy Tree Cactus! An amazing succulent tree cacti that grows happily in partial sun or blazing hot sun, as long as it is given good drainage. Native to the humid environs of eastern Mexico where this cliff dweller oversees the primeval forest that lies below. It is more tolerant of moisture and high humidity than any other tree-like cacti. It is quite cold hardy but it is best to plant in a location where it receives protection from the north wind. Also on nights where temperatures are expected to drop into the teens F or lower, it is advised to cover the top 12" of the plant with a paper bag, frost cloth or plastic nursery pot to protect the growing tip from freeze damage. If the growing tip is damaged in a sever freeze the plant can have a distorted appearance for several years while it reestablishes a new growth point.
Northeastern Mexico
8b to 10
15 feet x 1 feet

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