Polianthes tuberosa 'Swarna Rekch'

Gold plus! This is a variegated clone of Polianthes tuberosa originating from India. The leaves have golden yellow margins and a green central stripe but there is an rusty-red over wash to the leaves that give the plant a warm, tricolor effect. It has proven to be a vigorous grower and has been heat tolerant. Though our plants have not bloomed since we originally obtained plant from Tony Avent several years back the gold variegated foliage is show stealing all by itself. Not knowing much about the plant I asked Tony about it's cold-hardiness and this was his reply. "It’s been fine here for 25 years, so a solid 7b. It’s much hardier than the solid green form, which isn’t reliable for us."
Garden Origin
7b to 10
8" x 8"

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