Polianthes x 'Saucy Senorita'

A number of years back I started playing pollinator with our Polianthes and Manfreda collection, making crosses between species and across genera. When one plays plant hybridizer, the individual tends to be a proud parent and loves all of the seedlings that occur, even the duds, but one can't let your parental pride cloud your judgment when making selections and offering then to the public. Though my hybridizing results are still a work in progress, I think this hybrid has merits allowing it to be worthy of introduction. Saucy Senorita was a result of a cross between Polianthes howardii and P. x 'Sunset'. It has 1-1/2 inch tubular flowers that have a trumpet flare. The flowers express a mix of golds, rusty-reds and amber tones that combine in a warm and comforting effect. Like all Polianthes, it likes warm, moist conditions to bloom well, and can survive dry spells, but will not bloom well under doughty conditions. The flowers express their best color effect when temperatures are warm but moderate (80's and 90's F). However, if temperatures become excessive (in the triple digits) for extended periods of time, the color of the flowers can bleach out a bit; but when temperatures moderate and return back towards the 80's and 90's range, any new flowers will express the enjoyably rich, warm tones described above.
Garden Origin
9 to 10
24" x 6"

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