Portulaca sp.

Creeping Pursulane! I have cultivated this portulaca for well over 20 years and have carried it with me to every garden I have kept over the years. I find it to be indispensable because of its beauty, heat tolerance, ease of cultivation and growth form. I originally came across it while working at a retail garden center in Elgin, TX, where it was sold as a hanging basket plant; but ,after growing it for several years, I found it also grew extremely well in the ground. This plant thrives in heat and produces rapidly growing succulent stems that spread and creep in all directions, developing into a luscious succulent carpet, in a very short period of time. Blindingly vibrant fuchsia-purple flowers are produced in abundance during the heat of summer and often during the hottest part of the day. This is a great companion plant to silver and blue woody lilies, but pairs well with grasses, perennials and most any plant that also likes it hot. Though we list it as a zone 9 plant, it have survived winters here in Central Texas, where we have had prolonged cold snaps with lows into the middle teens. Though the plant seems to disappear in the cold of winter it returns reliably in late spring and early summer when the weather heats up. This portulaca can be easily transplanted in the garden by digging up small clumps or breaking off stems and planting it in a new spot. In colder zones maintain a potted specimen for winter protection and then use this mother plant to re-establish garden colonies for another summer of enjoyment.
9 to 10
2 inches x 5 feet

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