Quercus sp. San Carlos

Our most popular oak! In its native habitat, this beautiful evergreen oak forms a dense umbrella-like crown and reaches a height of only 15 to 20' but trees in cultivation have reached heights up to 35’. The 6" long leaves are intricately scalloped and have long arista. The spring foliage unfurls soft pink and matures glossy dark-green. It adapts well to almost any soil and is heat and drought tolerant. For us, this oak has proven to be one of the most exceptional trees from northeast Mexico. Native to northeastern Mexico. In the past we have offered this plant as Quercus aff sillea but we found that this was an incorrect name for this plant. We are uncertain of its identity however it is still one of the most admired of the Mexican oaks at Peckerwood Garden after the over 20 years it has been cultivated there. The trees offered here are from acorns collected from a cultivated source in the fall of 2016. Because these seedling come from a cultivated source there is a chance that these plants may be hybrids. Because these plants only sprouted this fall they are still quite small, only 3 to 4" tall, But since we will only be selling online through the end of May 1017 we have decided to offer them as they are. Note:oaks can not be sent to CA, OR, and WA or LA.
eastern Mexico
7 to 9
35 feet x 30 feet

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