Rhodophiala bifida 'Hill Country Red'

Oxblood Lily/School House Lily! Oxblood Lilies were introduced in the 1850's by German settlers who corresponded with compatriots in Argentina. The name refers to the beautiful vermilion-red, amaryllis-like flowers. These harbingers of fall are sometimes called Schoolhouse Lilies. They are tough plants that will naturalize in any well-drained location. Although they will grow in almost any location, the flowers hold up best when planted in partial shade to protect them from the late summer sun. Recently it was decided that this great old stain or clone should be given a cultivar name to distinguish it from new strains that are coming on the market. 'Hill Country Red' was the name that was selected. A summer dormant bulb.
7a to 9b
N.A. x -
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