Sinningia sellovii -- Red-Orange

Handsome and tough! Sinningias are not widely known to gardeners but we are trying to change that fact. They are carefree perennials that deserve a prominent spot in your garden. This species has flower spikes up to 30 in. long. From these almost horizontal spikes hang small 1 in. long flowers that resemble fuzzy goldfish. Hummingbirds love to fly beneath the flowers and then lift them horizontally to extract the nectar. The dainty flowers are a rich red-salmon color. This is the form we have sold as Sinningia sellovii for many years but I now list is as orange-red flower form to differentiate this form from other color variants. I think the flowers are nearly red in color but others may argue that the flowers are just a darker, richer orange. Note: Sinningia sellovii tends to grow a large tuber that tend to get pushed above ground as the season progresses. The above ground portion can be damaged in severe cold so the plant should be mulched well at seasons end to protect the exposed tuber from freezing temperatures below the middle 20's.
7b to 10
2 feet x 4 feet

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