Sinningia sellovii -- Smoky Plum colored flowers

Sinningia sellovii, as a species, is one of the stalwarts of my garden. It is tough, resilient, blooms a lot and hummingbirds rely on it. It is nice that a plant that is so tough and useful has a good range of flower colors. For years we have offered a reddish-orange and a light orange flower form but here we are offering a dusty or smoky-plum colored flower form. The growth habit for the plant is much like the reddish-orange and light orange forms but it tend to get slightly taller. The plant is very resilient but if grown in too bright of light the leaves can get a kind of scorch during the hottest parts of summer. So it is recommended that this plant be grown in even shade, especially in the hotter parts of the south. In a hot summer if a plant's leaves should get the leaf burn then the effected stems can be cut back to the rhizomes in late summer and then when cooler temperatures of fall resume new shoots with new leaves will develop and the plant will resume it beautiful show as if nothing ever happened. Note: Sinningia sellovii tends to grow a large tuber that tend to get pushed above ground as the season progresses. The above ground portion can be damaged in severe cold, so the plant should be mulched well at seasons end to protect the exposed tuber from freezing temperatures below the middle 20's.
7b to 10
4 feet x 4 feet

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