Sinningia sellovii -- Light Orange

For those that have followed weather conditions in Texas over the past several years, you know that the weather has been harsh. The heat and drought over the most recent years have been terrible and gardening was a near impossible struggle. Many of the plants that we thought were good garden plants, under more average weather conditions, simply gave up during the summer of 2011. The conditions were so disheartening and deflating but there were pockets of positive resistance that kept a spark of garden energy alive. Sinningia sellovii was one of the resilient keepers of the flame. With average irrigation the semi-succulent, lightly fuzzy leaves maintained a lush presence in bright shady spots while neighboring plants either gave up or suffered and looked like heck at Summer's end. Though the plant did not bloom during the harshest parts of the brutal summer of 2011, it was able to generate a good bloom period when improved fall conditions arrived. This form exhibits light-orange hairy tubular flowers that are about 1" long and the circumference of a pencil. The flowers dangle in delicate clusters at the end of 3', arching stems. This plant is a great nectar plant for hummingbirds, so plant one where it is easily viewed from porch or favorite viewing window so you don’t miss any of the action. Note: Sinningia sellovii tends to grow a large tuber that tend to get pushed above ground as the season progresses. The above ground portion can be damaged in severe cold so the plant should be mulched well at seasons end to protect the exposed tuber from freezing temperatures below the middle 20's.
7b to 10
3 feet x 4 feet

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Notes and observations about this plant

A happy garden camper
I purchased this Sinningia last fall and planted it immediately. It arrived healthy and happy but then came the NC Texas harsh winter of 2013-1014. I removed the dead stem, but mulched it anyway and forgot about it. In mid-to late May, I was surprised to see two tiny leaves emerging and now it has bloomed considerably for its size. Needles to say I'm a happy garden camper. (Posted on 7/11/2014 by Ann ).

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