Sinningia speciosa - Cardoso Moreira site

Sinningia speciosa is a very variable species, with different site locations presenting flower colors ranging from pink, purple to white. Plant forms vary, with some forms presenting a very short stem where the large, felty, oval leaves are attached very close to the bulb-like rhizomes, creating an almost African Violet like rosette; while forms from other locations have more elongated and developed stems displaying the oval felty leaves on a plant that for a lack of a better description has a mounding, bush-like form. This form from Cordoso Moreira, Rio de Janiero State, Brazil tends toward the latter having stems up to 18" tall, displaying, green, felty leaves. The deep tubular flowers are a rich, solid dark-purple. The leaf petioles and stems also tend have a rusty reddish coloration.
9 to 10
14" x 10"

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