Sinningia x 'Scarlet O'Hara'

Scarlet's Sinningia! Several years ago Tony Avent, of Plant Delights Nursery, sent us this Sinningia hybrid. During the years since he sent it our weather has been famously hideous. The drought, heat and other harsh conditions have made gardening a challenge; and, few of the new plants that I attempted to cultivate during the past several years have survived, much less thrived. This Sinningia, however, was one of the bright spots. It typically emerges with fresh shoots in late Spring and develops a loose mound of arching stems with succulent, softly-textured leaves and stems. At the ends of the arching stems, airy open flower spikes display teardrop shaped scarlet red flowers that dangle with casual elegance. Slight breezes bring motion to the flowers and so do hummingbirds which fly low to lift up the dangling flowers to consume their nectar. So for the sake of hummingbirds' safety, you might want to plant high on a mound or in a pocket of a rock wall so hummingbirds can better see cats and other would-be predators.
Garden Origin
7b to 10
18 inches x 28 inches

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