Synandrospadix vermitoxicus

This South American aroid is amazing. The plant develops a large bulb from which a mounding rosette of deeply channeled, glaucous blue/gray, upright, arrow-shaped leaves are displayed. If you are trying to visualize this plant think of the results of mating an Elephant Ear and a Cabbage. In its native range it is generally found in areas with short wet summers and long dry winters but it has proven to adapt to wet winter regions given sufficient drainage. This plant is a summer grower, emerging from dormancy in late spring or early summer and then going dormant in late fall/early winter. These plants result from seed collected in the region of Salta Argentina. Other collections from Argentina have proven hardy to zone 7b but we are listing the hardiness of this collection as zone 8, to be on the cautious side because hardiness seems to vary upon location. Get this bulb while they last for this plant is hard to come by.
Northwestern Argentina
8 to 10
36 Inches x 36 inches

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