Zephyranthes La Bufa Rosa Group 'Lily Pies'

Lullabies and Lily Pies! This is the first selection of Zephyranthes La Bufa Rosa Group that we released. We were looking for compact plants that would flower at the same height and have wide over-lapping petals in a picotee wash. We thought that this first introduction should be the classic form of La Bufa Rosa Group, then we could deviate from that with selections that were darker, larger and more unusual than the classic form.
garden origin
7 to 9
8 inches x 12 inches

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Notes and observations about this plant

Very tough and adaptable
Very tough and adaptable plant that blooms for me around late May- early June in Southeast Texas USDA zone 9a. Does well and blooms nicely in shade.
(Posted on 6/6/2013 by Daniel Sutherland).
To keep pure stands of the selected clones of Labuffarosa it is recommended to collect any seed, that develops after flowering and discard or sow the seed away from the mother bulbs. Seedlings will likely be different, in color and form compared to the mother bulbs. (Posted on 2/23/2010 by Yucca Do Staff).

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