Zephyranthes x 'Cookie Cutter Moon'

Cookie Cutter Moon! Another in a long line of once-in-a-lifetime events where we were in the right place at the right time. Imagine, with so many miles of roads criss-crossing Mexico, how we were on the one that led to a glimmer of light in a tangled forest. It happened in 1996, on a road cut through rough limestone. In the pockets of this stone grew a wide variety of subtropical to temperate plants. In the shade of Loquat Oak grew Brahea moorei and under that Mexican Jack-in-the-pulpit. Also, scattered here and there, were very deep rose pink forms of Zephyranthes clinatae and several other unidentified species including a very large flowering form of Zephyranthes traubii. In the midst of all this excitement I found a magnificent pure white rain lily with superb foliage - lush, broad and strictly erect. Being careful, I selected 1 large bulb and left the orginal clump intact. It has taken 7 years to have enough bulbs to offer.
Tamaulipas, Mexico
7b to 10
N.A. x -

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